Garrett GTI 2500 reviews and pricing

Garrett GTI 2500 – The Garrett GTI 2500 metal detector series offer quality and affordability! These great Garrett GTI 2500 metal detectors cheap and high quality like you know and trust!

Features of the Garrett GTI 2500

Treasure Hunting’s King! Unlike other detectors out there, GTI 2500 and 1500 offer you True Imaging features. The GTI (Graphic Target Imaging) Series is planted firmly at the crossroads of unexploited treasure hunting and pure engineering genius. That means you get unparalleled Target ID as well as True Depth and Size with high performance DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology. The GTI 2500 and 1500 are the highest performing metal detectors on the market! You can only get this level of exclusive, patented Imaging technology in Garrett’s GTI series


Garrett GTI 2500 metal detector
Garrett GTI 2500 metal detector

The Garrett GTI™ 2500 metal detector with TreasureVision® and Graphic Target Analyzer™ truly adds a new dimension to treasure hunting. A precision electronic instrument that utilizes the miracles of high technology in its PowerMaster™ DSP circuitry to help locate coins, jewelry, gold nuggets or any other kind of metallic object, the GTI 2500 will accomplish more than any other detector manufactured.

The patented Digital Signal Processing™ (DSP) technology provides extremely accurate multiple channel filtering, continuous adaptivity to hunting speeds and automatic ground tracking to provide superior depth, discrimination and pinpointing performance. Deepseeking sensitivity and precise discrimination enable this marvelous instrument to identify targets by size as well as conductivity and to report depth of targets of any size not just coins. In fact, the detector’s amazing TreasureVision on the Display Screen will indicate both target size and depth.

Graphic Target Imaging 2500 – This exciting One-Touch™ metal detector is automatic and surprisingly easy to operate. Yet those who have special demands will find the GTI 2500 meticulously adaptable to any personal style of treasure hunting. Microprocessor-controlled circuitry truly makes this the deepest-seeking detector known to man.

Highly Recommended for – Coin Hunting, Jewelry Hunting, Relic Hunting, Cache Hunting, Prospecting, Ghost Town Hunting, Dry Beach/Fresh Water Hunting

Includes the following BONUS items:

Garrett 9.5″ PROformance Imaging Submersible Searchcoil
Garrett TreasureHound EagleEye searchcoil
Instructional DVD
8 – AA batteries
Warranty: 2 year limited parts and labor manufacturer warranty.
Key Features:

Graphic Target Imaging™ (GTI) shows true target size and depth.
Graphic Target Analyzer™ (GTA) identifies target’s conductivity
True Digital Signal Processor™ (DSP) improves discrimination accuracy
ScanTrack™ optimizes treasure signals based on searchcoil swing speed
Ground Balance: automatic and also manually adjustable
All Metal, Non-Motion Deepseeking Mode: allows hovering over target
User-adjustable Volume, Threshold, Tone, Sensitivity, Discrimination
Salt Elimination Aid: eliminate interference caused by wetted salt at beach
Hip Mount Battery Pack: reduces detector weight for long searches
FastTrack™ Ground Balance for use in All Metal Mode
Surface Elimination: adjustable search aid ignores shallow, undesired items
LCD Backlight: to illuminate LCD screen for improved visibility
External Speaker and Headphone Jack: quarter-inch (1/4″) size
Coin Alert Belltone Audio™: Garrett sound for high conductivity targets
Last Mode Switching: switch from All-Metal into last-used discrim. mode
Search Modes (Discrimination Patterns): 6 plus electronic pinpointing

  1. All Metal
  2. Zero
  3. Jewelry
  4. Custom
  5. Relics
  6. Coins
  7. Pinpoint

Reviews of the Garrett GTI 2500

Garrett GTI 2500 VS Newer Machines????
I am new here and have been out of detecting for about 10 or more years. I have an Garrett GTI 2500 that I bought in 1992, and it was always a great machine. I am wanting to get back to digging and I have been wondering if I should look for a newer machine like the V3i or if the newer machines are more bells and whistles than real improvements. I don’t need more things to adjust. I hunt for coins, and jewelry, and relics. I seldom go to the beach and there are not any gold nuggets in this part of Texas (unless they are on a ring). I have additional coils for the Spectrum, an 18 inch monster and a 6 inch coil. I am not a very tech savy kind of guy. SO the question is… Will my old Spectrum still find the things that we all want to find or should I research newer machines. My Spectrum is in the White’s service center now being tuned up. Please give me some insight from you folks that are current and knowledgable about what is going on in the dectecting world today…

Since you have all the coils, etc for the Garrett GTI 2500, you have to decide whether or not you are satisfied with the performance of the unit. Will it keep up with DFX / VX3 / V3i ?? Simple answer = no. The multifrequency units will outpace your single frequency Spectrum in just about all venues, and they can be tailored to better suit your style of hunting and to optimize performance in various envionmental conditions such as high mineralization, wet salt sand, and high EMI conditions.

I love my Garrett GTI 2500. None the less I have my eye on the V3i. The multiple frequencies of the V3i, have a large advantage over the single frequency Eagle.
If you don’t plan to hunt in any tough areas, but do want an improvement in performance such as depth, tracking and target ID, take a hard look at the MXT Pro. It is a single frequency unit, but its very easy to learn and provides the majority of the features that you’ll need to improve finds in the Coin and Jewelry and Relic venues you mentioned.

None of the new lineup will use any of the coils that you currently own, so I’d recommend that you keep the Garrett GTI 2500 as a backup, or set it up as a “tot lot” unit with a small coil and a well-thought out VDI mask.

Hope this is helpful.

Prices of the Garrett GTI 2500

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Garrett GTI 2500 is the Treasure Hunting King! Unlike other detectors out there, GTI 2500 and 1500 offer you True Imaging features.

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Prices of the Garrett GTI 2500

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