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Garrett Master Hunter Series – Garrett Master Hunter Series metal detectors cheap from Twenty years ago Charles Garrett developed a computerized detector that would locate all kinds of treasure and achieve both great depth as well as operate efficiently under the toughest ground conditions. Countless hours of successful field use and a string of awesome discoveries led to the creation of Garrett’s renowned CX Detector. Over the years the CX line has established a strong niche for itself in the areas of treasure caches, battlefield relics, gold nuggets, gold placer, veins and coin hunting. The latest innovation to the CX family is the Master Hunter CX Plus, which builds upon the technology of the Master Hunter CX, incorporating a unique, rugged LCD that reveals a target’s identity and conductivity while in either search mode. For hunters with a penchant for deeply buried treasure, the CX Plus can be equipped with Garrett’s exclusive Treasure Hound Depth Multiplier. This can help you reach caches and large treasure that most other detectors can’t reach. Looking for deep and rich targets? The Master Hunter CX is called “The Cache Hunter’s Delight” and there’s no mystery why. With one touch technology, automatic pinpointing, accurate target I.D., full range discrimination, and extreme simplicity and accuracy, the Master Hunter CX is a treasure hunter’s dream! Master Hunter Lines

  • Garrett Master Hunter 5
  • Garrett Master Hunter 6
  • Garrett Master Hunter 7
  • Garrett Master Hunter 7x
  • Garrett Master Hunter 10x
  • Garrett Master Hunter CX
  • Garrett Grand Master Hunter CXIII

Features of the Garrett Master Hunter Series

Features: 7 x 10″ PROformance Search coil . Instructional/field search Video . Instruction Manual . Standard Battery System . Requires 6 C-cell batteries . 2 Year Warranty . Weight: 3.8 lbs . Operating Frequency 6.5 kHz Search Aids: Fast Track Automatic Ground Balance . Dual Range Discrimination . Coin Depth Reading . Automatic Electronic Pinpointing . Power Supply Regulator . Depth/Sensitivity Touch Pads . Audio Adjustment by Touch pads . Visual Target ID Dual Modes: Full Dual- Range Motion Discrimination (eliminates trash and junk) . Deep Seeking Non-Motion All-Metal (Deepest for buried treasure cache’s) 3 Easy to use Settings: Discrimination – Sensitivity – Threshold Audio Buy a Treasure Hound Depth Multiplier – It will work with your CX Series detector. Search super deep – find larger targets like a gallon sized can at the greatest possible depth while ignoring small trash items. With Treasure Hound Depth Multiplier you can recover treasures out of the reach of standard round coil detectors. (15′ to 18′ – Gets more depth on larger treasures.)

Reviews of the Garrett Master Hunter Series

Prices of the Garrett Master Hunter Series

Garrett Master Hunter CX $199.00 GARRETT MASTER HUNTER A.D.S. METAL DETECTOR VLF/TR $100 Prices of the Garrett Master Hunter Series

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