Whites Spectra Series Metal detectors

Whites Spectra Series Metal detectors –  The Spectra Series metal detectors manufactured by White’s Electronics of Oregon are some of the highest grade metal detectors on the market.

Whites spectra VX3 with 950 coil metal detector
Whites VX3 Spectra Series with 950 coil metal detector

There are 3 main types of White’s metal detectors in the Spectra Series.

  • VX3 Spectra Series Detectors
  • White’s Spectra V3i
  • White’s Spectra-Scan Handheld
whites spectrum vx3 metal detector display
whites spectrum vx3 metal detector display

Whites VX3 Spectra Series Metal Detectors

The VX3 combines the premier performance of the Spectra V3i with the turn-on-and-go simplicity of the Coinmaster line of metal detector.

This top-of-the-line metal detector is as easy to use as an ATM with 8 preset hunting programs. You’ll be ready to discover coins, jewelry, gold, silver, and relics. Take it to the shore with a specialized beach mode.

Customization continues with 3 frequencies optimized for different targets: 2.5 kHz, 7.5 kHz, and 22.5 kHz.

When you come across a target, the SpectraGraph Target Signature shows on the VX3’s high-resolution color display, helping you decide whether the find is worth digging up.

The VX3 is ready to use with White’s SpectraSound wireless headphones. For traditional audio identification, choose from four modes of discrimination and optional tone ID with 191 different sounds.

There are essential settings for you to optionally adjust, but the Spectra VX3 is all about making treasure finding easy for every hunter — detecting targets with performance worthy of the Spectra name.


3 Optimized Hunting Frequencies 8 Key Features 8 Preset Hunting Programs Eclipse 9.5″ Waterproof Coil Four Audio Modes High-Resolution Display Live Control Bar On-board Quick Reference Guide Optional Tone ID Pinpointing/Depth Reading SpectraGraph Target Signature Wireless Ready

  • Adjustable Length: 44″-52″
  • All Metal Audio: Array
  • Audio Output: Speaker & 1/4 Headphone
  • Batteries: 8 “AA”
  • Battery Life: 8-10
  • Disc Audio: All Options
  • Optional Coils: Eclipse Family
  • Standard Coil: 9.5″
  • Number of Presets: 9
  • Frequency: 2.5 kHz, 7.5 kHz, 22.5 kHz

Manual for the Spectra VX3


More information on the VX3

What is the Spectra VX3 metal detector?
VX3 is closely related to the top-of-the-line White’s Spectra V3i Metal Detector. The new Spectra VX3 features have been carefully streamlined to use only what is required for top Spectra performance, an easy-to-tune and easy-to-use great performing metal detector.

How do you adjust settings?
Another easy feature! Every setting is on the live control bar ALL THE TIME!

How easy is it to tune the Spectra VX3 metal detector?
Right out of the box the VX3 has been set up to be easy to use and programmed for quiet and smooth operation. Settings are easy to understand and easy to modify for more aggressive operation. And, the VX3 has on on-board “Demo” program to show you just how easy this detector is to use.

How deep?
It’s a question Whites is happy to answer! VX3 metal detector has everything needed to get top-of-the-line performance. “Head to Head” with the competition, you can be confident of VX3 depth and performance.

The Spectra Series VX3 represents the state-of-the-art in metal detecting technology. Three frequencies (2.5kHz, 7.5kHz, and 22.5kHz), color display, advanced features, and the ability to use wireless headphones produce a powerful and capable detector. VX3 has preset programs developed and refined by experts, leaving you ready to find what others have left behind.
The Spectra series is the result of years of research and development, time-proven manufacturing and testing techniques, and, most of all…listening to our customers.

White’s V3i Spectra Series Metal detector

The White Spectra V3i is the world’s premier metal detector. We’ve included all our treasure-hunting features, and your investment is backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty.  White’s Spectra V3i is their finest turn-on-and-go metal detector using 3 frequency detection to find the oldest, deepest treasures. It features a full High Definition color display so all the target information you need is now in bold, high contrast color! You can use one of the preset color pallets or create your own for each program. The 10 All-New Turn-on-and-go hunting programs set up by White’s experts are Coin, Coin and Jewelry, Salt Beach, Relic, Prospecting, Deep Silver, High Trash, Hi-Pro, Mixed M

The beautiful, full-color HD display clearly explains the depth and metal type of detected objects. The V3i is always ready to go with its rechargeable battery and ready to help with an onboard reference guide.

If you’re just starting out, the V3i has 9 presets, giving you turn-on-and-go versatility that fits your terrain and target, whether it’s coins, jewelry, relics of the past, or gold nuggets.

Expert users will appreciate the V3i’s dozens of optional settings that can be changed in real time via dashboard controls. You’ll experience unparalleled depth and sensitivity, even in previously-hunted areas!

White’s premier headset lets you hear every signal with astonishing clarity and without worrying about distractions or tangled cords.

Whites V3I with wireless phones, Great salt beach machine, retails for around $1800. 8AA batt pack, D2 coil. full color screen is scratch free, so many options for settings adjustment you can really tweak this for particular areas, everything works great. Three frequency mode or choose a single, one of the few detectors that function well in saltwater and beaches. factory reset code and owners manual inc.

  • Whites V3I Metal Detector – $1250 in Baltimore
  • KellyCo costs $1,349.00

Product Specs

  • Shipping Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • ASIN: B00JR24WZ6

White’s Spectra V3i Metal Detector
features a Full-Color High Definition Display & 10″ Double D Search Coil whites
NEW! Spectra V3i is White’s finest turn-on-and-go metal detector using 3 frequency detection to find the oldest, deepest treasures. HD color display, 10 Preset Hunting Programs, wireless program transfer, and much more.

The White’s Spectra V3i features a Full-Color High Definition Display. All the target information you need now in bold, high contrast color! Bigger VDI numbers, icons and Signagraph. Use the ZOOM key to enlarge or reduce display info. Hunt using the preset color pallets or create your own custom color schemes for each program.

10 All-New Turn-on-and-Go Hunting Programs: Set up by the experts at White’s. Choose from Coin, Coin and Jewelry, Salt Beach, Relic, Prospecting, Deep Silver, High Trash, Hi-Pro, Mixed Mode Pro, and Meteorite. It’s as easy as turning on your TV and choosing the program you want to see (and use).

White’s V3i® Metal Detector

Nine hunting programs
High-resolution backlit full-color display
On-board quick-reference instructions
Quick Target Signature
Automatic Ground Balance and Trac
White’s Spectra V3i® features top-of-the-line performance with nine hunting programs that will have you hitting the mother lode of every major type of hidden treasure. High-resolution backlit full-color display allows you to easily see what’s hiding below and listen in on target acquisition. On-board quick-reference instructions at the flip of a switch for a fast how-to. Spectra’s 3×3 Quick Target Signature sorts out junk from the real deal. Automatic Ground Balance and Trac delivers simple, fast and accurate ground rejection. Choose language settings from Spanish, French, German, Russian, Turkish and English. 22.5KHz Rechargeable NiMH and eight AA batteries included. Made in USA.
Adjustable length: 45.25″ – 52.5″.
Wt: 4.2 lbs.
Available: 10″ round coil.
White’s New Spectra V3i with 8 Exciting, Completely Usable New Features!

1. On-Board Quick Reference Guide: Answers to almost any question with just a couple of keystrokes!
2. 5 Languages: Hunt in Spanish, German, Russian, Turkish, French, and English
3. Loop Selection Now more accurate depths with accessory search coils
4. Polar-Plot Screen: A new way to look at target data! Vector graph shows phase angle for better target separation
5. Stereo Mixed Mode Audio: Now you can have All-Metal in one ear, Discrimination in the other
6. Soil Type Select: Maximum performance, minimal tweaking
7. Status Bar Mode Indicator: Screen shows whether you’re using a Search, Analyze or pinpoint Screen
8. Prospecting Scan: Graphs the ground mineral changes as you hunt to ID areas more likely to contain gold

Spectra metal detector videos

Videos of some White’s Spectra metal detector finds

Spectra V3i metal Detecting Tutorial video

Whites Spectra Series metal detector Prices

Find cheap White Spectra metal detectors cheap!

White’s Vi3 metal detectors

$1,799.95 at Chicago Detectors


Whites Spectra V3i metal detector
Whites Spectra V3i metal detector

White’s Spectra V3i Metal Detector

  • Whites $1,499.95
  • KellyCo $1,349.00

White’s Spectra Series VX3

  • Kellyco pricing Just $1,099.00
  • Whites VX3 Metal Detector at Chicago detectors $1,199.95

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